Announcements for Week of Sept. 9

Camp Meeting, Back to Church Sunday Good morning, welcome to JCity Church. If you’re one of our guests today, we are so glad you are here. I’m Pastor Keith Fletcher and I pray that you will feel comfortable here at our church today and will come back and be with us again. We work hard to put Christ and Community First here at JCity Church. If you share our love for Christ and this town, we’d love to have you as part of our team. Speaking of teams, we’d like to thank all those who helped us serve the High School football team and cheerleaders last Thursday night. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and boy could those guys put away the enchiladas & Mexican rice! Here are a few quick announcements: Read More

Join Us for Back to Church Sunday, Sept. 16

You and your kids are always welcome at our church on Sunday mornings for Sunday school and worship. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to church (or maybe you’ve never attended), we’d love for you to join us on National Back to Church Sunday, September 16. If you come, you’ll be in good company. Our church is one of thousands from over 120 denominations expected to participate in this annual celebration. Our worship service begins at 10:30 that morning. After service, we’ll hand out a delicious but simple box lunch. You are welcome to stay and eat with us in our picnic area (weather permitting) or take the lunch home with you to enjoy with your family. Read More

What Is 'Back to Church Sunday'?

JC FWB will participate in National Back to Church Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017. Back to Church Sunday is the largest annual community-based church outreach effort in the nation. The campaign empowers churches and church members with the tools they need to welcome their neighbors, friends and loved ones back to church, while providing an easy way for everyone in the community to find a welcoming church. Back to Church Sunday began in 2009 in response to survey research that indicated 82% of people said they would attend church if someone they knew invited them, but only 2% of church members were inviting people to come with them to their church. This powerful movement has now seen over 31,000 churches participate by inspiring and empowering church members to invite people to a special Sunday service designed just for welcoming those who may not regularly attend or who have never attended church. This year’s theme, A Place to Belong, encourages people to seek out their local church as a place for fellowship, community, sanctuary, and respite. It also encourages churches to re-envision themselves as beacons of light in the community, and a place where friends and neighbors come together in times of Read More