Our Signature Ministry

JC Kids’ Lunch Bunch (Summer Meals Program)

JCity Church’s Lunch Bunch has served over 17,000 children’s meals in the past 5 years. We are eagerly anticipating our 9th summer feeding Johnston City’s hungry children and providing them with fun activities during June and July. Beginning Monday, June 4, we will serve USDA approved meals to children 1-18 from 11:30-12:30 each day, Monday – Friday. Age appropriate activities follow the meal. Thanks to generous contributions from local churches and businesses, we are able to provide free meals for adults as well. The program continues through Friday, August 4. Handicap-equipped bus transportation is available for participants who live within the city limits of Johnston City. More information is available on on

We are currently accepting donations and seeking volunteers to help in this summer’s program. We also have a paid position open for a part-time cook, especially one who is a state-certified food handler. If you are interested in these opportunities, please call 618-944-4903 and leave a message stating your name, phone number, and email address if available and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Student Ministry/Bible Studies

REACH (Realizing Eternity’s Answers & Christ’s Hope)

Our Wednesday night student ministry currently uses a curriculum series called “What We Believe.” We serve supper at 6:30 and begin activities at 7:00. The first thing on the agenda is age-appropriate worship followed by a “master teacher” who presents the heart of the lesson each week. Then our students divide into school-grade-based groups. First to exit, Pre-K-Grade 2 (Jefferson School students in JC) follow teacher Marta Phillips to her well-equipped classroom on our lower level. Lincoln School students (grades 3-4) are lead by Sarah Fletcher to a new classroom upstairs in our youth center. Washington Middle School students (grades 5-8) divide up by gender. Girls go with Janice Legendre to an upstairs classroom and boys stay in the auditorium with teacher Roger Legendre and his helpers (Bill and Rick). High School students meet in the fellowship hall (or a nearby classroom) with leaders, Amy Williamson and Sabra Sones. Adults gather in the library with teacher Doug Hancock. There’s something for everyone. Come join us this Wednesday.

Bus transportation available. Call 983-5254 for pickup (please leave message).

Music & Worship

Songs That Unite Rather Than Divide

We minister to a variety of people, some who have been in church all their lives and some who are brand-new to a Christian worship experience. Therefore, the musical styles used in our worship services are eclectic (some would say blended). We do lean more toward traditional hymns and our rich heritage of biblically based gospel music though we encourage all believers, regardless of age or experience, to sing “a new song,” thus we frequently introduce new praise and worship music in our student ministry and through special music. Our adult choir rehearses and sings a variety of uplifting selections, especially around Christmas and Easter. Our emphasis is not on the performance or the talent of the musicians; it’s on the message of the music and the testimony of the individuals who are leading the congregation in worship. We believe that music in church should lead us to a fuller understanding of God and a deeper experience of His presence in our lives as we worship corporately and individually. Most likely, not all the songs we do will appeal to everyone present in our services, but every song will glorify God and point to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.

If you would like to offer your musical talents to God in the context of our worship services, we invite you to come to choir rehearsal (times vary, see our website & Facebook) or contact Doug Hancock our worship leader or Pastor Keith Fletcher.

Across the Street & Around the World

Community & World Outreach

We financially help those in need locally through the JC Ministerial Alliance and support the spread of the Gospel around the world through various missionaries and organizations with a tithe (10%) of every dollar our members give. Pastor Keith Fletcher is treasurer for JCMA and we provide office space for Samuel Abney, the secretary/webmaster of the organization. Our pastor frequently invites Christian workers from around the world to present their ministries to our congregation. We support medical missionaries in Africa, a Christian English teacher in Asia, veteran missionaries in Europe, a family working with international students in a major U.S. university, and a church planter in a growing community here in Illinois.

We don’t believe that our church or denomination has a monopoly on the Good News so we actively engage in community efforts like Lunch Bunch and community-wide Vacation Bible Schools. The missionaries and agencies we support are both inside and outside of our denomination. We are working together for the Kingdom of God and are not satisfied ministering only to “us four and no more.”

The goal of our church is to be outwardly focused. Our passion is for people to hear about the life-changing power of Christ wherever they live, no matter their age or circumstances. If you’d like to help us in these ventures, please join us this week.