Did We Change Our Name?

Have you noticed we’ve been dropping the word “First” from our church’s name? We’ve been Johnston City Free Will Baptist Church since 1950, but years ago a former pastor thought we should be “First” and the legal name was established as “First Free Will Baptist Church.” A few years ago, God gave us a deeper burden for our community (our little “City”). We designed a new logo that at first glance reads “J City Church – Free Will Baptist.” Of course, the “J” one can assume stands for “Johnston,” but you could also say J stands for Jesus.

We’ve begun the long, sometimes expensive and complicated process of rebranding (or re-establishing) ourselves as Johnston City Free Will Baptist Church, or “J.City Church” for short. The word first won’t be in our name and you can let our denominational name take its rightful place at the bottom of the logo if you wish. You’ve already seen that logo on our community mailings, our church bus, one of our signs, our church bulletins, and recently on our letterhead. You’ll be seeing more of it as we raise funds for new signage and continue to spread the word of our ministries for our “city.”

The bottom line is we’d rather put Christ and our community FIRST than ourselves. You’ll still hear us called “First Free Will Baptist Church” and that’s what’s presently on our legal documents, but I hope you understand that we really don’t want that position. We’re a church that primarily seeks to lift up Christ in our city.

—Pastor Keith Fletcher

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