A Message from Our Guest Speaker

(10/2/11) Our guest speaker: Dr. Randy Carney is currently a professor at Morthland College, book author, former pastor, and father of Rusty Carney, missionary to Japan.

2 thoughts on “A Message from Our Guest Speaker

  1. Randy Carney says:

    I just linked to you again from The LOVING Way website. If you know of a church that would like to have a speaker on the topic of marriage, or would like to have a marriage seminar in their church, please direct them to our information.

    One thing we have started doing is coupling marriage seminars with fundraising events. The local church can raise funds for youth activities, mission trips, partner ministries, etc., and benefit marriages in the local community at the same time.

    Here are some organizations for which we would raise funds (This is an arrangement where we donate to them–we have no official connection to them): Free Will Baptist International Missions–Carney Account :), Many Hands of Christ, Carney Ministries, or your local church ministry.

    Again, we enjoyed being with you. Thanks for having us and making the podcast available.

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