World Missions Offering, April 30

We will receive a special offering for world missions April 3o during our morning worship service. We invite you to collect your spare change in coin banks (available in the foyer) in addition to making a sacrificial gift on that Sunday. Monies received through the “traveling basket” will also go toward this offering.

Traveling Basket for WAC Missions Offering

In an effort to raise funds for I-GO (Illinois missions), our women are sponsoring a traveling basket. Each week, look in the basket for a new item (food, craft, etc.) available for a donation. Place your donation in the missions bank in the foyer, then either take the basket “traveling” to your home and return it with a new item the next Sunday, or simply leave the basket in the foyer for someone else to fill.

Ketteman Offering for Welch College

We will receive a special offering during the service Sunday morning, February 26 for Welch College. This offering will go toward the Ketteman Student Scholarship Drive that helps students of our denomination’s Bible college in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Please give above your regular tithes and offerings.